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Castle Hill Hospital


Research has shown that spending time in natural environments and engaging in green exercise improves both mental and physical health. The Castle Hill Hospital Community Woodland Partnership was established in 2007 to create a new area of publicly-accessible native woodland which will deliver a massive boost to wildlife and major health benefits for local people. Approximately 6000 broadleaved trees have been planted across the site.

This project has seen a new 17-acre community woodland established on land adjacent to the recently-opened Castle Hill Cancer Centre at Cottingham. The new woodland has created an improved environment for native wildlife, local residents and hospital users.

The woodland establishment was completed in winter 2008. The project is designed to provide majore health bvenefits through the promotion of public access and active lifestyles, as well as creating a ‘healing environment’ for patients, building on the strong links that are known to exist between the natural environment and feelings of well-being.

Project facts

Start date

02 January, 2007

End date

31 December, 2008

Number of trees planted

6000 broadleaved trees

Partners involved in the project

  • Forestry Commission
  • HEYwoods
  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust