Green Routes Continue To Grow

Green Routes Continue To Grow

East Yorkshire Motor Services (EYMS) and HEYwoods have undertaken the latest phase of their tree planting programme aimed at improving the environmental quality of the most important road corridors in Hull and the East Riding.

Work has benn concentrated on the A165 Holderness Road with planting activity taking place both within Hull and in the East Riding of Yorkshire area. This is the latest phase of the project that was launched in 2008 and which sees an annual financial contribution made by EYMS to support new tree planting along major bus routes throughout the area.

Peter Shipp, chairman and chief executive of EYMS said

“Our continuing support for this tree planting initiative reaffirms EYMS’s sustained commitment to enhancing the environmental quality of the major routes along which we operate. We all value greatly our existing roadside tree stock which provides a range of benefits to people who live in, work in and visit our area. I believe the environmental nature of this project very neatly complements our view that buses also play an important part in improving the environment through reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion”

This ongoing project has been developed to provide a range of environmental, social and economic benefits and also ensures that those trees planted are maintained into the future. The first phase of the project took place in 2008 and saw new trees planted along Anlaby Road and Springfield Way between Hull and Anlaby.

Stephen Robinson, partnership manager for the HEYwoods initiative, said

“The HEYwoods initiative is delighted to continue our successful partnership with EYMS. The cumulative impact of annual contributions to roadside tree planting in our urban areas will serve to not only improve the environmental quality of our important transport corridors but also makes a vital contribution to the wider objective of increasing tree and woodland cover throughout Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.”

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