KC sow the seeds for future generations

KC sow the seeds for future generations

KC (Kingston Communications) employees dug out their spades and put on their wellies to take part in ‘Tree O’ Clock’, a world record attempt to plant the most trees in the UK in just one hour. Working in partnership with HEYwoods, an environmental initiative which aims to increase woodland cover in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, KC provided the funding to plant a total of 1000 native trees at the Bransholme Community Woodland in East Hull on Saturday 5 December.

Staff from the sales and marketing teams took part in the challenge as part of national tree week. The aim of the mass tree planting was to increase woodland coverage to create habitats for wildlife, improve the overall look of the local communities, help the environment, and hopefully break a world record in the process.

Kevin Walsh, Kingston Communications Director said:

“The ‘Tree O’ Clock’ project is a great initiative to not only increase woodland cover but also to involve local communities in the development and care of their local environment. The work of HEYwoods and its partners is helping to work with communities to secure a positive and sustainable future for Hull and the East Riding, whilst at the same time empowering the next generation to embrace their local environment and care for it.”

The HEYwoods initiative aims to increase woodland cover and to improve the management of existing trees, woods and associated habitats in the city of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire (East Riding). Hull and the East Riding has only 2.6 per cent woodland cover and this is dramatically less than the national average of 8.4 per cent.

Stephen Robinson, HEYwoods Partnership Manager said:

“We would like to thank KC, the Bransholme Community Woodland and all the volunteers who took part in ‘Tree O’ Clock’. Evidence is being collected from projects across the UK to see if the tree planting record has been broken, fingers crossed. Such projects enhance and improve the local environment, which is of great value to the surrounding community, the city and the region as a whole.”

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