RFS Excellence in Forestry Awards 2016 - Call for Entries

RFS Excellence in Forestry Awards 2016 - Call for Entries

The 2016 Royal Forestry Society Excellence in Forestry Awards (EiF) covers northern England and is open for entries until 8 March 2016. The EiF awards have been refreshed since the last time they covered the north of England. They now encompass the responses of woodland owners and managers to pests, diseases and climate change impacts in the Duke of Cornwall's Award for Resilient Woods.

The Award for Excellence in Silviculture is for commercial woods/compartments of more than 1 ha that have been restocked or created within the last 30 years.  

A new Small and Farm Woodlands Award is aimed principally at the hands-on woodland owner including farmers, for small woods (up to 20 ha) brought into management in the last 10 years.  

The Urban and Community Forestry Award rewards projects involving urban and community woodlands that are managed in a way which is sustainable and beneficial to the landscape, the local people, biodiversity and the economy.  

The new Education and Learning Award encourages and rewards schools, colleges, universities and other recognised training providers who increase awareness, understanding and skills related to the environmental, social and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests.
Full details of the competition and entry forms are available via the link to the RFS web page at http://www.rfs.org.uk/awards/rfs-excellence-in-forestry-awards/)

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TransPennine Express/HEYwoods Woodland Project

TransPennine Express/HEYwoods Woodland Project

The TransPennine Express/HEYwoods Woodland Project is a partnership initiative that has seen wildlife and public access improvement works at Priory Way, Hull

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