The Big Tree Plant 2013/14

The Big Tree Plant 2013/14

TCV have established a national tree planting scheme with DEFRA, and the Forestry Commission, to encourage communities to plant trees within their own neighbourhoods. Last year TCV volunteers in East Yorkshire planted over 5,000 native trees in over 12 different locations.

The scheme runs between November and March each year and is open to Local Authorities, Parish Councils, Community groups, Schools and "Friends" groups who would like to plant native trees within their own communities.

TCV volunteers/supervisors plus any local residents, schools or community groups who wish to participate can carry out the planting work.  TCV can supply the native trees, protective plastic tubes and wooden stakes, plus all the necessary tools and equipment required for planting.

All planting events are fully risk assessed with qualified 1st aid provision and anyone participating is covered by the TCV's public liability insurance. To make a planting event worthwhile, we would suggest planting approx. 250 trees. These can be planted to establish small woodland areas, in species/selected groups or along existing boundaries or highways. The trees come as "whips" - approx. 40-60cms in height.

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TransPennine Express/HEYwoods Woodland Project

TransPennine Express/HEYwoods Woodland Project

The TransPennine Express/HEYwoods Woodland Project is a partnership initiative that has seen wildlife and public access improvement works at Priory Way, Hull

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